Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


Lip sync is off, music could be alot better, Arrogancys voice is a little wierd, and I personally don't like how they are really pics for some of the background. Other than those things great.

that was pretty kool

a little slow after the talkin and scene transactions but good nonetheless

Good, but slow

Great flash, nice graphics, nice storyline, but I couldn't finish it. It was way too slow. When people talked, it was 30 seconds before anything else happened. Too slow of a pace. Try to fix that. If you lost this viewer, chances are you lost others. And I know it's not my computer's fault, because other flashes do fine. The action wasn't in slow motion, just lots of time went by with not much happening.

Still watching it!

I've seen this series like fifty times on here and it never gets old.
Keep it up!!!


This is by far my favorite series on newgrounds! The graphics are great! This will surely go a long way!