Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


Loved it but couldent stand the sound of the voices :P


nice butt Arrogancy's voice sounds funny( thatsway a 5 for sounds) for the rest it's a good flash the series keep getting better

I like it all...

But Arrogancy sounds funny. I thought he would sound like the guy talking in episode 1. And plus he looked better in ep. 1 too.


like you say it your weakest one but even that it was sweet (yea it me again lol), im strting to like dis series allot

Matrixy, I like it!

A lot of questions raised, leaves you on a cliff hanger, good ended. Lowest sound grade I have yet to give though, because lip syncs where way off, and Arrogancy's voice was a lot different than the first. Overall it was a good video.