Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


It's not perfect, but the story interesting. I think most of us, anime freaks love those Dragon Ball Z style fights, the big eyes and repetitive, but complicated plots. The quality of the graphics reminded me of my grades: it goes up and down. One second it looks great, the other it looks like the work of an amateur. I hated the voices. The guy with the brown hair at the beginning talked like an italian hit-man.

PS: I think, Albert Einstein must be that old guy's (the one with the white spiky hair) great-great-great-great-great-great-grand-father.

It was ok

I liked the fil but the voice work needs alot more emotion to it good story and animation but whoever is doing the voices pls ad a lil emotion and don't be bland and talk like you just woke up.

Excellent animation...

You had perfect animation going on but overall this was way too short. Nothing except for a fight occured really, and the begining was kind of lacking interest. Good job still, but it needed to be longer.

Wow, I really hated this...

I couldn't stand watching the rest, I just don't like these kinds of movies. Maybe next time.

A bit ermm

Hmmm. The voice actor for arrogancy was a bit mississipy and both the voices did'nt sound very emotional. As for the music INTENSE...not. And the matrix "bring it" hand jesture?!?!?
You have talent. DON'T WASTE IT.