Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

His voice...

What the hell happen to arrogancy voice everything else in the movie was okay but why did you have to make him country. His voice in episode 1 was cute you should have keep it that way.

Only reason i voted a 5

this realy sux nuthing like the episode one but i continued watching because the assains voice is so cute lol can i get her number im on house arrest in NY tell her 2 stop by lmao

It's OK

The characters were a bit stiff and the voices were awful, but really some good stuff.

Pretty cool..but the voices are horrible..horrible

Yah. Title explains all.. I dont have much more to say.

not as good...

it wasnt as good as the prequel but i still liked it, the voice over was terrible and the animation wasnt the greatest but it was still great, and i love the music in the series