Reviews for "->- Skies of War -<-"

Great thing await you.

But you said the game was made by Youda games or something, so it's not your own work?
If it is, then it's incredible, if not, then oh dear.

Youdagames responds:

Dunja is part of the Youdagame dvelopement team ;-)

Wonderful game but misguided advertising

I notice you're replying to comments and that many people aren't happy because after three levels you find out you have to pay money to continue. I think the problem is false advertising. People feel misled. I'm sure that wasn't you intention but if you called the game a demo and explicitly said that the game was for sale you might get a better response. People feel deceived. If a theater invited you to a movie and then, after half an hour, told you it was 5 dollars to finish, wouldn't you be upset? If the theater told you that it would be 5 dollars to finish the movie at the beginning, you would probably accept that. I hope you take this as helpful criticism, its not an attack.

That said it really is a great game. I really like the fact that flying and landing the vehicles is realistic. You clearly put a lot of thought into this game: 5/5

Youdagames responds:

There are a few that feel deceived anyway so it doesn't really bother us.
It was unintentional... However a small part allways finds something to whine about guess that is a hobby?!?!
However we look at it like this:
122.000 Gameplays.
99 reviews of which 40% are whining about price or trial or demo.
thats 40 people. Out of 122.000 is about
0.03% that say these things.
How important is that? You do the math...

Great game

I know it is just a demo but it is really good and why get full v when you could beat it right here even if it's just a demo

Great Game! Really Addictive! Better than RoW

More Better than Rails of War! Yup, Too Bad We Have to Pay to Get the Whole Thing! I Got the Full Version Downloaded at PlayFirst, But you can Only Play it for a Limited Time of 1 Hour then your Done! Well at least you'll be Able to Play the Full Version even in a Very Limited Time!


That was a badass game.