Reviews for "->- Skies of War -<-"

Not too bad but...

Put in a full version or dont post its a waste of everyones time that they could use for more important things like playing other air combat games or just think of playing games like you guys do when your not posting full version games, which seems to be more than enough to please your tiny brains while not thinking of more important tasks such as posting full version games! you know if stupidity was a handicap you guys would be da bomb but it isnt so i gotta put you under the "Pathetic hippie tree huggers" file...hmm where is it...ohh yes, its right beside the "Begging hiipies" file which is next to the "hippie killers" file....post a god D*mn full version next time you fat lazy hippies!


That was a really good game, the controls are a little weird at first but when you get them down its a really nice game.


this was a okay game hard to shoot machine gun but it was fun to shoot land missles



very good but hard

fave it, rate it 5.