Reviews for "->- Skies of War -<-"

Not too bad but...

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this was a okay game hard to shoot machine gun but it was fun to shoot land missles




Been a long time I haven't played the full version, so why not not review the demo? The graphics look really good, with some nice maps and aircraft look really good. Even though almost everything is a re-skin from Rail Of War. The sound is also very immersive. The game has a good campaign, and I really liked how you unlocked new vehicles and weapons. I also liked that each mission had a variety of objectives to complete, despite the fact that since it is a demo, it is over very quickly. Plus, the fuel gauge was ridiculus. You would run out of fuel every 30-60 seconds which was a pain in the ass. ESPECIALY with a bomber. I also liked the side missions as they added some replayability, although these were very simple and had very limited numbers, and were not AS good as the level editor in Rail Of War. Still, even for a demo it is fun to play at least once.

As with most games, it takes you awhile to get the hang of it. I think the graphics are quite well done. I will probably never be able to maneuver with these kinds of physics. Then again, you did make it easier this time. The somersalults were a nice touch. You really just had to blast everything in sight.

I liked how you had a lot of wide open space. It was harder for the enemies to gang up on you. Then again, you do want them in the same place to quickly kill them. The sounds seemed quite well done. I had no idea this had so many views.