Reviews for "->- Skies of War -<-"

part 3!

your game is nice but somethings wrong maybe put some soldiers,add mortars or something that is related to real wars make a part 3 :D

Not rating low because its a demo

I'm rating low because this is just a poor game. From low fuel amounts, clunky controls and "rolls", to the fact that half of the time a landing makes the plane explode because why nod, this is not a vey good game. I've seen Rail of War and enjoyed the heck out of it, so I know you guys can do -very- good games...

This just doesn't measure up.


Use torrents if you want the full version,its only a small file everybody, not even a gigabyte.


ok. . . it's not bad. It's kinda fun actually, but really? you're gonna try to sell it? I've played better free games. I wouldn't pay to play this. I would however, suffer through aggressive ads and shameless plugs for donations for something of this quality. I hate aggressive ads, however i've given games with said aggressive ads higher scores than this. A sponsor ad before every battle for example. I don't think a "demo" is worth 0 like those few before me, however I will tack off 4 points because of it, under the single premise that i've played superior games for free (and right here on newgrounds to boot).


i hate demos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!