Reviews for "->- Skies of War -<-"

not bad

The game itself was pretty good, I just thought that it sucks you have to
pay to play the full version


The Bomber was WAY to hard to land. It was good other wise

tottaly awesome

so much fun. especially the level with the canyon.

I like it but.....

I love th game,but paying $9.99 is a way too much.I'd buy it if it was $2,or even $5,not $9.99.I understand that u gota make a living and fund ur future projects,and i respect that,but $9.99 is too exorbitant a price.Anyways,no1 is rly gona risk their credit cards to some website cos of all th hackers and phishers and whatnot nowadays roaming th internet at will.I got scammed once,and i dont trust anymore sites asking 4 my credit card number anymore.But dont get me wrong.I just dont trust anymore sites not cos im afraid,but i dont want to get scammed out of $792.69 again as it's completely unpleasant.But,I love ur flash.Keep it up and post more of these flashes on NG,ok?

i like pie man

i like pie p9ie pie [ei poipoipoipoipoipoipoi. holy pie that was great