Reviews for "->- Skies of War -<-"

super cool game,i played full version and would give 10 out of 10 but their should have been some more planes... is their a second version as well? or is their any plans for the second version? does any one have any idea?

This game is cool and fun but they should add some more planes like the f 14tomcat or f 15c because the a10 and messerschmidt or called the me 262 are the only jet fighters. More planes should have been added in this game so it would be more fun

This is a good game. One thing they could have done was use the C-47 in it's Spooky format. In Vietnam they modified the C-47 by adding 3 x 7.62 Gatling guns code to it's left side through the windows. They named it the C-47 Spooky Gunship. Just an idea I had, but really I'm not grading on it.

muy bueno solo q se vuelve aburrido con el tiempo

Awesome game, only complaint the C-47 isn't a bomber it was used to drop paratroopers in World War 2