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Reviews for "Happy Birthday Tye!"

it was good.

this is really nice :3


loved it! awesome...great graphics! keep that stuff up!

Nice Characterization & Style

You know, I was prepared to give this a courtesy protection point, as it was a birthday tribute that you made quickly. I wasn't prepared to really like it as much as I do :) You have a nice friendly character style and you told your birthday-gift story simply but with a lot of charm (i especially liked the extra wide smile on the blond kids face. lol ). I d like to see what you would do with a real storyline - hope you are taking your time and working on one. Would like to see more.


... I don't know how but I actually liked that.

I thought the style was awesome, somehow using tweaks to create an entire animation. Impressive.

Maybe make an actual video? You might get some good reception.

Not bad, not bad

I thought it was simple but nicely done. Although I wonder how you were able to fit an entire GuitarHero guitar in a 5inch box lol, jk. Good job