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Reviews for "Dawn of the Bod"

Too easy and repetitive

Read title, killing the zombies is like shooting a tree, it's incredibly easy! Please make harder zombies and better graphics!

xtreme easy

realy easy but i got a high score :)

Very Bland...way too repetitive

I find it gets boring after the second round, too repetitive, maybe add a variety of guns or add a few different enemies( like little spiders or something) to give it more of a variety.

Aim400kg for noobs lol

Like an aim training game for horrible fps players. I'm pretty sure anyone who has any experience with fps finds this extremely easy and just rips through headshots. It's fun but is extremely repetitive and easy.

The only win-move is not to play

How bad.The only win-moving is not to play... extrange game ....So there's other people who enjoy this but i did not enjoyed this so u diserve a 0 But im quite good so i gonna give you a 0 HAHAHA

ATTE:Dont think im bad im just a little Bored so i want to give bad rates to bad games just like Ps3Sniper or other people who have enjoyed this game and didnt want to write a review and i want to carry the depression on me an not on you because u diserve alot of more fun things ... u could do another game but more intresting like Portal .... im talking refearly to portal =D