Reviews for "What the hell is it?!"


that was the funiest piece of shit i have ever seen.


This is fuckin' amazing the Clockcrew made something that wasn't one of the biggest crock of stupidities I've ever seen. I'm very impressed.
It ACTUALLY made me laugh.
I give it a :\

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At least yours isn't as gay as Newground2014's.

This One's Completely Nuts

What the hell is right! (Holy Testicle Tuesday!!!) No animation, just a bizarre and funny pic. The commentary is a riot and makes this one an amusing experience in the end. You'll bust a nut after this one, especially the ladies.

I dont know what to say ..

I promised myself to have mercy on others lol.
I will keep quiet.. I did not find any humor in
it and did not enjoy. All I can say is keep trying. ;x