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Reviews for "Walk the Dog"


This was really good. The art was great and the sound was well done. That opening commercial was hilarious. Good stuff, make more!


When the dog starts writing in chalk that he wants to be walked, and then he speaks.But still his owner totally oblivious to him.This started off slowly and i was not sure how it would be, but when the dog got the green board out i started to laugh. Great humour and i like the dog got showed. A short movie but its great that it did not take too long for it to be funny i laughed a lot good job.

Keep em' coming

Hey that was a great short :D you've definately got a funny bone and can't helping thinking you watch ed,edd & eddy lol, am i right?

KartuneHustla responds:

Thank you. Cameron is the one with the funny bone though. I just animated it. And yes, I think ed edd & eddy is a great show. Watch it whenever it comes on.

nice one

that was a pretty cool animation. a little short overall, but nice drawings in this one, cool audio, quite entertaining and amusing and it was a blast to watch. i was expecting something a little different when i first saw the title, but the outcome of this one was pretty nice.
nice job.

KartuneHustla responds:

Well, glad you enjoyed it. Like I said before, we tried to make the short as good as possible to make up for its lengh. Again, thanks for the review

Pretty good, hilarious background song ;)

Loved the guy in the back making noise haha. The video was pretty good too =)

KartuneHustla responds:

Ha. Yeah! Cameron and I enjoyed listening to that chiga song. Thanks for the review!