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Reviews for "Zelda: Heart for the Hero"

One of the few.

That is, one of the few animations that actually deserves straight tens. Excellent job! It was so true! And I liked how you had Majora's Mask on the wall, and the Triforce was behind the counter. Nice work, dude. xD


i havent seen a good zelda flash movie in a llooonggg time! thank you for the satisfaction

uhhhh...what? :)

I'd put more quotes from the movie in my review, but I'm sure you've had enough of those. Great concept, art, voices, etc. I think it's impossible for someone to say something good about this movie that hasn't already been said by someone else at this point.

I thought nothing would EVER score as high as Newgrounds Rumble did, but I was quite mistaken. Those scores are crazy good. Congratulations.


I've just got two words for you... truly frickin' awsome... um... yeah.