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Reviews for "Zelda: Heart for the Hero"


That was the funniest zelda flash i have ever seen. For the love of god make more or so help me god.

Graphics - It looked very nice and polished all throughout the movie except ajust a couple of sliver of mistakes when link is walking through the forest
Style - Zelda parodies are all over the place on the internet... but that's why they added a zelda collection to Newgrounds :) Very original Zelda parody
Sound - Link's voice was soooo funny and you played on the fact that all he does is grunt and the music in the store was perfect
Violence - Decapitation automatically deems you a 10
Interactivity - Having a functional play button automatically deems you a 5 because of the surprising amount of of movies to go through the portal that do not have a functional play button
Humor - If I ccould've given you 100 on humor I would've

I wish I could be as good as you
I'm adding this to favorites

Only thing that you could improve on is that thing I said about the little mistakes in the forest where you can see slivers of blue, unless you meant to make those as ocean but as far as I can remember Lake Hylia is on the other side of the forest and the river leading to Zoras Domain is behind a cliff. Other than that it was awesome


that was funny and great.
good job, i hope you make more like this :)


This was really funny! The only problem I had was I could hardly hear the shopkeeper when volume was highest and I was leaning towards the screen. Anyways, nice job!

Simply wonderful

I was really impressed by this. It started off with high quality graphics and sound. The animation flowed so smoothly. You didn't sacrifice graphically in order to get such a smooth flow either. The main part of the animation was great and only added to the already impressive flash. Very humorous. HYUH! HYAH HYUH!! Using actual sound clips, magnificent. If I could give you more than a 5, I would. Simply wonderful.

Great humor, especially for Zelda fans

I absolutely loved this submission when I first saw it on VGCats, and now I don't have to deal with the crappy resolution that they have. Great use of audio to evoke a true feeling of Ocarina of Time. And thanks for bringing closure to one of the mysteries of the universe!