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Reviews for "Zelda: Heart for the Hero"

Freakin' true man

dudes and dudets that was so true link never talks but if i could kill the shop keeper that would be pretty cool ya know

the heart thing

the whole link ripping out the heart thing that is mested up (no offence)

Good animation. Terrible content.

Congrats, you've managed to combine a bunch of lame sound clips from a painfully ignorant and childish franchise into a unique blend of dull and predictable slapstick humor. Terrible content, the joke was not funny, and, as usual, the cult of online video-game worshipers has inflated the humor and value of a submission.

Good animation skills. Find someone who can write a decent joke and implement its deliverly in an entertaining fashion.

Animation and art..?

First off, I do get the joke, I don't like Zelda though. This movie builds up completely on the Zelda games, there is no creativity in the jokes whatsoever. The art in this movie is really not that good because it's very edgy and there is no shading on the characters. The animation at the end was really nice, where Link is slashing the store keeper but besides that it seemed all to be tweened up and down, back and forth, left and right.

The voice acting of the store keeper was very quiet compared to the ripped Link sound clips. The background art was ok but that doesn't really make up the rest of the movie.

I would appreciate something more original, something that isn't entirely based up on a video game.

sexysexybicycle responds:

Thank you for your uninformed opinion.

great work

absolutely fantastic animation and this deserves to stay on newgrounds forever graphics were amazing. nice humer too.