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Reviews for "Zelda: Heart for the Hero"

Short but sweet

As I said, this flash may have been short, however it WAS good. You didnt overdo it, and you gave enough to please the viewer. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up, and I hope to see more from you. However, if you do attempt another, dont try to overdo it. I can see a series of flash animations going with this. But if you try to add alot more to it, I fear youll take it over the top and it wont be as good as the orginal. All in all extremely good flash.

sexysexybicycle responds:

Yeah, I totally agree with you. I've wanted to make a Zelda short for a while now, and I achieved what I set off to do. Maybe someday I'll to another Zelda thing, but I told the joke I meant to with this one, so I'll probably do some different stuff after this one. I just had to pay my respect to THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME SERIES OF ALL TIME! Good advice my friend.


that was the most absolutely hilarious thing I have ever in my life beheld.

Great movie :)

I loved how you used the annoying little sounds from Zelda that make the game so unique! That was great how he was trying to describe the heart, and I liked the shop keeper, he was dumb lol. Well anyway, good job

THIS IS SOME Funny Shit :P

I Think it was worth watching cause it made its point clear, Link cant speak FREAKING ENGLISH ha ha ha ha ha and that store clerks are assholes and should have their hearts ripped out

That was great!!

Best ocarina of time parody I've seen! Funny as hell! I liked the part where Link was screaming and the shop keeper was like 'ok now I feel like you're yelling at me and I don't appeciate that'. I also liked the expressions, when a character was talking, their expressions matched. Great job man I vote.