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Reviews for "Zelda: Heart for the Hero"


awesome i always thought how can link buy stuff when he never has spoken

Mega LOL!

I love you, period, bolded, italics and size 72 font if I could do that here. xD
Link sounds so constipated when he's yelling--and seriously, I thought it was going to bomb the shop!

If I was him, I could've just gotten the Zelda cheats and "Triumph Forks". ;D


That was awsome and I liked how you brought diffrent zelda items into the scene in the store all-in-all very good job and keep up the good work

"kill Navi"

I loved the part where he shows the item he gets: "You got the shopkeepers heart! EWW!!! GROSSS!!" That was hilarious. Good job with the character animation and sounds.


That was hilarious. ARt sound everything fit with the theme so i got nothing...Great Job. Liked the voiceovers for the shopkeeper.