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Reviews for "Zelda: Heart for the Hero"

Brings me back

This really reminded me of all the good times I had with Ocarina of Time. I must have played that game for over a hundred hours. I always thought it was funny Link didn't have a voice actor, and I'm glad to see someone else thought it was funny also!

One of he Funniest Zelda Parodies ever!

This is a hilarious flash and I'm hoping to see much more great flashes from you.


Haha, nobody could ever understand what link was saying. I cracked up at how you interpreted his unsubtitled speach with somebody else. i loved the shopkeeper's smartass voice, haha. Excellent animation to go with it. I hope to see more from you. :]


awsome!!! link never talks in the actual game sooooo yeah it was hillarious good job :3


Funny, superbly animated and well written. When can we see more?!!?!?