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Reviews for "Zelda: Heart for the Hero"

Hilarious video that addresses Link's speech issue

This is a video I couldn't just watch once. The ending music alone was enough for me to come back again. The video itself amazed me. I liked the Zelda-related humor, even the over-done Navi hate.

I liked how this piece addressed Link's 'speech impediment' and the creativity used with his limited Audio clips. The beginning (a little long for me) and ending didn't impress me too much, but no complaints otherwise!

Man do I

Remebr when I wanted to do that to some characters in the game! Man this is what I wanted to do.Except for stealling the heart.Good job!

omg lol!

good graphic and i thought it was really funny you should make more

this is one of my favorites!

i never figured how link got stuff from stores, but i guess thats one way to do it. i liked how you put other items like in the background for sale, and not just on the shelf. i loved the credits music too! iv never heard that music before.


That was the funniest zelda flash i have ever seen. For the love of god make more or so help me god.

Graphics - It looked very nice and polished all throughout the movie except ajust a couple of sliver of mistakes when link is walking through the forest
Style - Zelda parodies are all over the place on the internet... but that's why they added a zelda collection to Newgrounds :) Very original Zelda parody
Sound - Link's voice was soooo funny and you played on the fact that all he does is grunt and the music in the store was perfect
Violence - Decapitation automatically deems you a 10
Interactivity - Having a functional play button automatically deems you a 5 because of the surprising amount of of movies to go through the portal that do not have a functional play button
Humor - If I ccould've given you 100 on humor I would've

I wish I could be as good as you
I'm adding this to favorites

Only thing that you could improve on is that thing I said about the little mistakes in the forest where you can see slivers of blue, unless you meant to make those as ocean but as far as I can remember Lake Hylia is on the other side of the forest and the river leading to Zoras Domain is behind a cliff. Other than that it was awesome