Reviews for "Jan: Lethal Lawyer Case 2"


One of the best flash games I've ever played!

awesome awesomeness awesomely awesome

You awesome guy who awesomely makes an awesome game about an awesome attorney awesomely displaying his awesomeness


but the cuts looked sort of bad and you shold've made a better tittle screen :P and the sound just got a little repitetive

Love it /hate it

I'm confused I love the concept of being a lawyer in the court but the delivery spoils it.

The story is amazing but here is what I would do to improve it.

1) Make it so you don't have to click 30+ times just to get to the trail. e.g. I won't replay this as it took too long.
2) Make penalitles for not producing the right evidence first time. E.g. 3) wright guesses and you've lost the case.
4) Give the option of bringing your own witnesses in.
5) Graphics and sound were not top notch - but personally i didn't think this got in the way of the game

Otherwise I loved it. Going to play number 1 now.

wtf is this?

this aint non game and its laim and slow to the point