Reviews for "Jan: Lethal Lawyer Case 2"

Imaginative, truly imaginative.

I'm gonna give you a perfect score for this. Great storyline and it kept me occupied for a long time. There should be more flash games like this one.

Its better than most.

It was cool
Way to go bro.

It could be a little more user-friendly when looking over evidence and profiles.
High Five!

much better

i played your other game before this and i ave to say that this one was both better and longer. great job/


I played your other game too, this is better! Were you hinting at a sequel? I NEED A SEQUEL!!!! Was a bit hard sometimes though. I missed the red herring. It was funny. Ace. Nuff said.

El-Caitsitho responds:

Thanks for your review! Glad you liked the games!

I'm having trouble coming out with specifics on the third game's plot, but I'm working on it!
Thanks again!

Better than the first one

I saw some improvement on the first case of attourney Jan. The puzzles were more clever and not as random as in the former game. However, the characters are still overly weird up to a point where it is difficult to take.