Reviews for "The Ultimate MMZ Quiz"


Really amazin.....although i couldnt answer the ha;f the questions right coz i aint much of a megaman fan...but all in all...good work...

Man i rock at this game

i always get a perfect score

good game

cool game


saberzero is correct, for one thing. how would i know, you ask, well i've been playing the megaman zero games for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time and also @SuperAwsomeCrazy, please you retard, change the screen resolution to highest no. of pixels! i had some effing trouble of scrolling up and down! and as for saber zero, this game is super mega awsomely highly fully legit! and awsomely super amazingly omega awsome! some pros unlockable content ( i'm not a spoiler, so i wont say) gameplay some cons nothing


a very good work!! and finally someone that loves mmz series!