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Reviews for "Phoenix Correct!"

Your objection is weak. o_O

Quite funny. The "Take That!" sequences just didn't strike a good note with me. =/

DAGamesOfficial responds:

ye, I wasnt really meant to make the take that stike at you. at least you knew that the guy had evidence whenever a take that was announced :P

Not too bad!

not too bad will! i think you should have put the passwords in BEFORE you posted it though!
in all honesty i think the art was a letdown, especially since you keep bragging about your new graphix tablet and how great it is i was expecting something mutch better.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

thanx for 6. Damn, I thought he art was good :S, and the only reason why I didnt add the password seciot in was because the whole actionscript started going bonkers, so I had to wait untill this guy could fix it for me, but that wou dhave taken ages.

ps: I havent used ihm in a while, not since wii in a nutshell, which was made in March, and I have sbmitted 5 animations since then without me in it :/

A sorta goof...

The defence should be facing the right.


Did you know your logo looks like a bunch of swastikas?

Ambitious but Subpar

This was a great idea and I give you kudos for trying it but it wasn't nearly as good as it could've been.

The voice acting was the highlight, it was really good quality and pleasant to listen to but what killed it was the music choice. The acctually Phoenix Wright music would've worked a lot better.

Also your art wasn't that good. You have potential as an artist but everything seemed very rough and thrown together.

I assume you don't have a Wacom Drawing Tablet or anything of the sort. If you don't I recommend getting one if you want to improve the quality of your computer art. I know it helped me when I got one.

So I can't say this is a bad flash, I just think it was just generally weak. Keep doing cartoons, by the looks of your style I know you really could have something working for you in the future.