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Reviews for "Phoenix Correct!"


I enjoyed it quite a bit, although, i confess I gave you a 10 for sound because my evil computer doesn't have any sound.

I look forward to the next one!

Brillant Movie!

Cool Movie! Could you try and make a sequal please. Oh, and a quick question, the music used in the credits, was that Panic! at the Disco? Thanks!

DAGamesOfficial responds:

thanx for the 10! And no it wasn't panic! at the disco, it was Fall out boy - Carpall tunnel of love! its an awsome song :P

the name thing wuz a good man

great dude put try for fps and good work on the name thing...

liked the grfx

it could have been a bit funnyer, i mean it was funny but i think you could have done a little bit more there.
the graphics themselves had some room for improvement but very nice shading and expressions.......
thats just my take on it, your way better than i am......

Not too bad!

not too bad will! i think you should have put the passwords in BEFORE you posted it though!
in all honesty i think the art was a letdown, especially since you keep bragging about your new graphix tablet and how great it is i was expecting something mutch better.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

thanx for 6. Damn, I thought he art was good :S, and the only reason why I didnt add the password seciot in was because the whole actionscript started going bonkers, so I had to wait untill this guy could fix it for me, but that wou dhave taken ages.

ps: I havent used ihm in a while, not since wii in a nutshell, which was made in March, and I have sbmitted 5 animations since then without me in it :/