Reviews for "The Unabombers - Slipknot"


Good job, Neil. Anyhoo, I've heard o' the Unabombers, as I live in the same vicinity as Neil. They are kinda crazy... But, to the misunderstanding of the guy who reviewed before me, this song is ABOUT Slipknot by the Unabombers, which is the actual band that requested the Animutation. Just to clear that up. And what baffles me even more is that Neil clearly states that on his description right here on Newgrounds. Huh.


Raya un poco la animaciĆ³n.

Haha, you pwned lipsnot.

Try listening to good music like iced earth or in flames. and maybe these kinda flash animations won't piss you off.


I like Slipknot alot, but the flaming of the band was funny. Referring to other people who reviewed, since their obviously maggots. If the real band members of Slipknot were to see this animutation, I doubt they would trip out and go ape-shit. So why should you? o.O; yeah. :D

A true honor to have as a music video

The Unabombers must be so proud.

Like the previous reviewer, I like this one too. Ya got some good graphics and really stepped down to more traditional stuff. I think "Do The Mario" was your worst, not this one.