Reviews for "The Unabombers - Slipknot"

Stylish...hip...and so on and so forth.

Great job. Yet again.

I'm out of things to say. Besides I've already reviewed the rest of your videos already.

Adios Amigos
-Moses the Cannibal

Well...I've seen better...

Neil, your work on this was OK, the song wasn't very good, I would've liked to know what the credits said, and, well, the Animutation here wasn't phenomenal. The credits song was awesome, though!


these flashes that you make are so god damn weird iam funny and scary hope a little kid doesn't watch these flashes he have nightmares for weeks............ o well god job anyways


dis author is amazin even do others wont agree

this is what i think

The music is awful,the animation sucks, and i fuckin love it