Reviews for "The Unabombers - Slipknot"


More craziness plxzaxaxszxxcxs

Yeah fat guy was definatly the funniest part.

Where does the music played on the end credits come from? I have a good idea where I could use it.

Trapezoid responds:

It's the Munsters themesong.


I love it when that fat guy blows fire!


Raya un poco la animaciĆ³n.

Well...I've seen better...

Neil, your work on this was OK, the song wasn't very good, I would've liked to know what the credits said, and, well, the Animutation here wasn't phenomenal. The credits song was awesome, though!


I am a huge fan of slipknot, but i gotta admit, that was fuckin funny as hell!
Dont dis slipknot anymore...theyre fuckin awesome!