Reviews for "The Unabombers - Slipknot"


The music was kind of annoying, and when you said you make animations with no sense for physics, you're correct. Try just animating it from scratch next time, not cutting and pasting the mouths to the words. And -- You people obviously don't get it. The term "slipknot" is the name of the song. Not the band -.- and...that faggot who probably just watched this to see nudity is very unlikely to like slipknot(band) he talks like he thinks he's a pimp. I feel terrible for those people who search endlessly just to find a flash with porn in it.


these flashes that you make are so god damn weird iam funny and scary hope a little kid doesn't watch these flashes he have nightmares for weeks............ o well god job anyways

Yeah. Err. O_o

The music fucking sucks. But the movie is as psychotically amusing as always. Good job. Keep bringing on the spasms. :D


It really wasnt that great, the graphics were very dissapointing, and the music just aint that good. Music videos must be a bitch to make, but this is not the road to go down when making one. Sorry, love the Harry Potter puppets.

dang chould have been better

ok that flash need work but i still gave u a five as a vote because i know it was hard to make but its still whack