Reviews for "+- A Winter Tale -+"

love it

agreed with the ain'y type feel to it but i love it actualy. the intro is great and i just love it overall :D


my vote may mean so little but by love for this song is great

Amazing all the way.

It's very well put together. I like how it fads off at the end, then at the beginning it starts off with one instrument. It makes a very good loop.

I also like how the tune kinda changes at 0:59. It made me happy. =3

Anyways, keep up the good work, your one of my favourite artists! :D


Very nice journey.

After all, music should be a journey. First, it's smooth, relaxing... Then it takes a turn to the invigorating. I love this, and I have a feeling that my ultimate judge of music (Mom... T.T) will be enjoying it too. Thanks, Keep up the great work man. :)