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Reviews for "Metal Gear: CM Vol. 2"


love the movie i can tell u took it out of the game and mixed it up in a really funny way

Gaizka responds:

Cheers, son.


Dude, the grenade thing gave me stomach cramps !! XDDD

Gaizka responds:

Well you shouldn't have eaten it, then.


Even better than the first one.

Gaizka responds:

Listen to Brogel, he should know. He owns every Metal Gear Solid ever created! Apparently.

Thank heaven

That was the best laugh I have had all week. I liked this one more than the first, but they were both great. This one made my gut burst though, lmao. I wanna rate you a 5 everyday for the rest of the week, lol. That really was ingenious, please continue them, they are great.

Gaizka responds:

Thanks man :)

That was great

loll he fucking ate a grenade ? lollll