Reviews for "Metal Gear: CM Vol. 2"

the colonel always pist me off

anyone out there feel the same? cute stuff. some lines i recognized and some i didnt. good animation, fun idea. I liked it a lot better than CM vol 1. keep on truckin!


call meryls number again for bonus stuff

It's good

It's quite good, I noticed some improvements, I especially like the part about McDonell O'Miller LOL XD

Gaizka responds:

How can you notice improvements when I made them both at the same time?

not bad

good animation and a few are funny but thats about all it has to offer

Just as good as the first!

My favorite had to be the one where Snake decided to ditch Myrel (Spelling?) Again, great use of the voices and sounds. I did notice some of them came from different games, but they fit it well enough. Good job, I hope to see another.