Reviews for "Metal Gear: CM Vol. 2"


that was funny
hoping for a third one

Funniest codec conversations i have ever seen!

I couldnt stop laughing, conversations were nicly done, used the actuall MGS Character Voices, but there is one thing im interested in.....

in the 2nd call (where Campbell is yelling at Sake to go save Meryl) Campbell says "No! I can't believe it, Snake Has Gone Insane!"

I played MGS 1, 2, 3, and Twin Snakes and dont remember Campbell saying that could anyone let me know which game he said that in

Gaizka responds:

I think he calls you and says that if you shoot Meryl on the ground after she's been shot by Wolf.

Cheers for the feedback!

Good stuff.

This was just about as funny as the first volume with the editing of the codec conversations,just as creative and this time it had more balance with the characters and wasn't mainly just Campbell,overall it was still just as good and funny as the first one,i would love to see another set with Metal Gear Solid 2 codec conversations. =)

behind the cover

the frequency behind the cover was 140.15, reffering to Meryl's frequency in the first Metal Gear Solid game, you were told that the frequency was on the back of the CD case...
unlucky me i got the game without the original case so i had to figure it out myself

about the flash: hilarious stuff, both of them
favorites 10/10 5/5
i don't know why noone ever thought of this before,
you should make more and not limit yourself
go through all the games see what you can do
don't confine yourself to communications with Snake
i'm looking forward to more

Great sequel.

This is a great follow up of the first Codec flash. Very well put together and high quality. Brings back memories.