Reviews for "Metal Gear: CM Vol. 2"

Brilliant, truly.

Some fine editing here. I just wish you could have made a scene with that "I hate hats" comment.

Gaizka responds:

I was going to, but i HATE HATS TO MUCH TO BEAR DOING IT.

hahaha that was awesome!

I loved the one with Nastasha, and I could barely breathe on the one with Otacon!!! hahaha!!!

That was great.

That was really good. I think you could do more.

Can't... stop--- laughing....!!

I allmost ran out of breath at the part
"Who or what is that thing?"
"Otacon. He looks and smells like hes been dead for days" xD xD

At what part Snake says "what are you, my wife?" :O
Anyways.... These two and MGS Awesomes are the best MGS flashes EVER!!
Very good!


i worte a review last time but i forgot to put sratts so it went to zero and I COULDNT CHANGE ANYTHING!!! lol anyway reallly good job man , its really good!!!!! :D