Reviews for "Metal Gear: CM Vol. 2"

Loved 'em both.

"Snake, you're a poor excuse for a man!"
"What are you, my wife?"


Though I will say I wasn't too impressed with the easter egg on this one. But its good work overall.

Gaizka responds:

Aye, you can tell I was scraping the bottom of the barrel there.

Cheers pet!

Sorry if the ratings were a bit low.

Good job on this one.Heh,the part where Snake shoots otacon was tremendous."Ehhh what is that ugly thing?"Lol.Then snake shot him.Pretty mean but funny at that exact moment he shot him.Good work man!(Argh...the drawings were atrocious!Sry if i mispelled.But the drawings were terrible.But since i thought that everthing else was great execpt the violence i thought...WHAT THE HECK!)LoL!But i did rly like about what you did.

Gaizka responds:

Atrocious? That's not very nice ;_;

Best. MGS. Pardy. EVER.

"Snake! You're a poor excuse for a man!"

"What are you? My wife?"

Good lord, these are so awesome. It's a shame these could be your only two. I was looking forward to a whole slew of hillarious volumes. Maybe you could outsource the editing to other creative individuals if you feel you're out of ideas.

At any rate, very funny. And personally, I've learned a very valuble lesson: grenades are NOT for eating . . . unless you don't pull the pin, then you can pig out all you want!

Right...? >_>

Gaizka responds:

I probably could squeeze out a third volume, but the quality would be much lower. I just don't have enough dialogue left to create lengthy conversations, and it would take me so much longer to create. So I'll leave it as it is, a classic as it would seem.

I'd advise against the consumption of fragmentation grenades altogether, though.


The laughs just kept on coming!

Wow, this is awesome! I was wondering when someone was going to make a movie like this. I'd have done it myself, but, ya know... the whole, laziness thing. I love how you used the real voice actors... it would've been a whole lot less funny if the voices were different. I loved every one of the conversations. "Excellant, you've got a--" "An undetectable, very accurate, uninterceptable nuclear weapon!" "No. ...That's a mine detector." "Oh. Err... Thanks."

XD My sides were splitting.
For the record, this is my review of both movies, since it was basically just two movies split into two volumes.
And the artwork is good, too. They all look perfect.

Very good work. Hope to see more from you in the future!


Gaizka responds:

I like you! Thanks, man.


no raiden?

Gaizka responds:

No, for two reasons:

a) The MGS2 clips were garbled and unusable, and

b) Raiden's shit.