Reviews for "Metal Gear: CM Vol. 2"

Excellent Work!

Once again, you did it, thou I liked the first one best.


140.90 one of the funniest- Naomi:SNAKE! YOUR A POOR EXCUSE FOR A MAN! Snake: What are you my wife? Cambell: NO! I CANT BELIVE IT! SNAKE HAS GONE INSANE!! Snake: I guess i have. Give me a break.

codec lol

liked it, but it wasn't great

same as the 1st

awesome man just awesome

Awesome work....just a question though

Whats the song in the credits? :o Please make a third :) If i could give you 11 i would but you'll have to make do with 10 sorry :(

Gaizka responds:

Never gonna be a third, mate. Sorry.

The song is "The Best Is Yet To Come" from the credits of Metal Gear Solid.