Reviews for "Metal Gear: CM Vol. 2"


That was amazing :D.

I was laughing so hard from the grenade one that I had to replay the final clip so I could hear it. I was laughing way too hard from the previous one :D.

I've never laughed so hard from a flash before XD


you sir are a very creative man, keep it up.
looking foward for your next project.


The Colonel and Mei-Ling ones were the best! Shooting poor Otacon while he babbled on about character flaws like the dork he is was pretty funny, haha! The Colonel is ever hilarious, getting on our poor hero's nerves.. As always, I appreciated the use of Meryl!

The extra was great, young Ocelot! xD LIQUID! rofl. Great job! Love it! 10/10!

Please make more. :]

Aww, you had to tell me that after I ate one...

Same as the first. Nice work.

Well Done, Excellent animation and very funny!

Even better than the first i thought, brilliant stuff. Your drawings are fantastic! Some real laugh out loud bits in there. The CD case... bit with LIQUID cracked me up hahaha well done!