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Reviews for "Zelda-Music video"


i just saw a movie with the exact same song 5 seconds ago and now i realize how bad his was. gj on your first flash and keep it up.

This one was better...

This one is better than the other one that is under judgment.

Cons: The sound was a little bad, it hurt my ears, and the black backround got dull after a while, and some color.

Pros: I love that song, Link getting shot was hilarious, and the ending was the best ever!

not terrible

Nice job for your first attempt. Personally I loved the ending. Keep up the good work, and hope to see more work from you iin the future.

Link is cool...

nice use of SOAD.


Common mistake... I just have to tell you

It's the rabbit joint

kami130 responds:

Thanks. I thought it mught be. I'll change it.