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Reviews for "Zelda-Music video"

This one was better...

This one is better than the other one that is under judgment.

Cons: The sound was a little bad, it hurt my ears, and the black backround got dull after a while, and some color.

Pros: I love that song, Link getting shot was hilarious, and the ending was the best ever!


I know this isn't your best, so try again with something else.

Not bad

it was'nt all that bad,it was pretty good.

Good Job

This is very good for a first flash, let me tell you. But, like nearly all first flashs, it won't be protected. I'm sorry, but next time you'll have a better chance b/c you'll have EXPERIENCE on your side!


Not bad for your first flash... just try to do something a million other people havent already done next time kk? thanks