Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble"

this is not a reveiw

Congragulitions fort winning the golden tank. I respect you.

areal piconjo

as far as Im concerned areal attacks are best cionvicts my fave charachter but I'm best when being piconjo he kicks ass in the air!b and I hardly ever touch the ground so use piconjo if you spend a lot of time in the air but if not p-bot has good land attacks and convicts powerfull ducking attacks rather good hope this was usefull!

Very Challenging

But seriously! who wants it very easy, I think it's the right difficulty ;)

i loved it!
but you should add more pico characters maybe 2 or 3 storys for each character [also more challenges maybe minions]
p.s final convict battle way to hard.
p.s.s add dad [from dadgame] dad [from dad ,n, me] ,n, me [from dad n me]

HANK FROM MADNESS not to be mean or anything but you could of put diemeos and sanford and maybe trikey but this is a AWESOME GAME