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Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble"


This is absolutely a-fucking-mazing. All the percision that went into this game is just incredible. I did not know something like this could be done in flash. Or any game making program for that matter. This will definantly be newgrounds number game for years to come. It wouldnt even surprise me if this was number 1 on the entire site because this kicks adam philips ass.


That game is awesome. I love it. Good job guys!


kidding! it's a great game i love it when great artists team up like this ive only played a few levels of it but it's great. I love all the newgrounds nostalgia and it just feels weird (a good weird) when something like pico teaming up with the tankmen it's great.


Nice job guys, i love this game! :D
Front page innit!<3

U guys are gods

Everything was perfect.
Combos, check.
Graphics, check. (unbelievably well animated)
Awesome selection of characters, check.
Music and unlockables and everything, just awesome, I've been waiting for a game like this for a long time!

Hope to see more.