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Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble"


You guys are my heroes.

Holy mother of all that is holy!

Dammit you guys have done it again in this amazing fighting game.
-Great graphics add new styles to some great flash on newgrounds
-Very fun a great button masher.
-Very inventive. The ways you incorporated New grounds themes. Was very well done
-Perfect character A.I coding seemed like a game you would want to spend 50.00 on
-All around fun

- Not much to say except for powerups on many stages all the powerups all came in the same place on stadium I don't know if this was intentional but the powerups got boring because there was never a real challenge when getting them
- Some cplaces were hard to reach due to jump

Final Cut
10/10 great game with fun unlockables


NegativeONE responds:

Yeah, there are one or two fixed powerup locations in each level. I'm not really a fan of them appearing randomly. It brings a new level of strategy and intuition when you can incorporate those sorts of things right into the level design. Thanks for your comments :)

Absolutely Amazing!

Congratulations, you three, on a spectacular game! Props to NegativeONE for his exceptional programming talent and beautiful backgrounds, to MindChamber for those amazing animations, and Luis for the music.

I look forward to hours and hours of beating the final story match. ^_^

NegativeONE responds:

Haha, Paul. Luis did additional characters and levels, not music. Marco did the music :P

Front page material.

I'm very sure this WILL be on the front page. Well done...VERY well done. All my five are belong to you. =)


just wow. this is definitely going into my favourite submissions! superb job!