Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble"

Wow, what a smash brothers clone

Haha <3

This game is beautiful, I congratulate you guys for sticking with it and finally pulling it out. Everything drips with polish, and it really is fun to play. Every character has a full set of animations and combos, and there's a lot to unlock. Packed with NG nostalgia too.


Great game

Calling this a Super Smash Bros. rip-off would be like calling Half-Life a Wolfenstein 3D rip-off. As is the case with games like WarioWare, the genre may have been created by one game, but it's still just that -- a genre.

I saw a video for this game a while ago, and my only hope was that it would play as good as it looked. The fact that the gameplay is just as polished as the graphics speaks volumes to the amount of work that must have gone into this game.

All I can say is "congratulations" to the team behind what will undoubtedly become one of the biggest hits of the Flash world.

NegativeONE responds:

"the genre may have been created by one game, but it's still just that -- a genre" Exactly! I'm glad some people get it. Although I would still credit WarioWare as a unique game concept rather than a genre. But that's splitting hairs. Thanks for the review!

You guys are gods of flash

That was just simply amazing on every level. A Perfect Entry

haha, wow.

Ok...all that was was a fucking knock off of Super Smash Bros.

haha, just messin bro. That was pretty sweet, i loved the camera angles, and all the characters. This was well worth the two year wait, and the unlockables are sweet too.
Overall, best thing i've seen on the portal in a LONG time.


that was just so great, wow simply amazing. greta job done on that i really enjoyed playing that very entertaining and it was very well done good graphics and sound was good too. there isnt anything bad to say about this flash, great job and keep up the great work.