Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble"

This game starts of fairly easy but soon gets challenging, wich is good in a fighting type game, however, the difficulty spikes up in random missions because of the poor selection of enemies that you need to fight, for e.g. You vs Alien Hominid and Saladfingers is un-balanced and you get no teammate. However, the game has very nice music and a very vibrant art style which makes it enjoyable to play.

It was the best All-Star game in which the characters of the Newgrounds Fight. Also, this game reminded me of Smash Bros.

Technology and manipulation are simple, and very easy. Combo attack is fantastic! But I think the air combo attack is too strong...

Also, I want 2 to come out. Please, Can't you make 2? It would be great if there were more characters. There are many representative Characters, but these are the ones I want to see.

I want to Part 2 Characters :
Dad 'n Me, Castle Crashers Knight, Bitey, Strawberry Clock.

Brings back the good old days and nostalgia used to play this with my siblings

smeysh bros

good game but no controller support