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Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble"

i cant get past all those henchmen on hanks thing other than that it good

salad fingers ftw

This. This is what Playstation All-stars for the PS3 strode to be. Here's a 2020 Review from your favorite dead head:

What we have here is a Newgrounds themed platform fighter (a la Super Smash) which celebrates 12 of its most iconic characters at the time of the game's release in 2007 battling it out in what can only be described as a bloodfest deathmatch. I'm talking characters like Tankman (the guy smirking to the top right as I currently write this review), Hank from the Madness series, Pico and Nene, and Fancy Pants just to name a few. As far as I can tell there's a stage for each character except Fancy Pants (I would assume due to his late addition to the game), plus a training stage for a total of 12 stages. It's pretty incredible this game was made back in 2007 by a group of only 4 guys for a Flash site. Especially since it controls well too.

Now let me start by saying this is a very basic fighter in terms of variety of moves. You have a weak attack that can chain a few times and a strong attack you can chain a few times. That's it. Oh yeah, you can block too, but I figured that was a given ;) Apparently you can parry too, but I haven't quite figured that out yet. You also have jump chains for both attacks as well. Each character has a ranged attack, however you must first get a pick up, which spawns infrequently (you'll get maybe 3-4 a match), they run out after about 3-4 seconds, and most don't do as much damage as they should for being such a commodity. Thankfully the characters control differently enough. Don't get me wrong here it's nothing as drastic as the Smash character diversity, but it's enough for the choice to matter. Some do more damage, some have more health, some are faster, some jump higher, etc. In the end though it comes down to mashing the S and D keys a lot considering the best strategy most of the time is to take control of the battle rather then defending. All that being said, the combat is tight and feels fair.

Except for Hank from Madness. Y'all really did him dirty here. He's got no health, his attacks suck and don't even do much damage. In case anyone is wondering, P-Bot and Salad Fingers FTW.

There is a surprising amount of replayability here too for a Flash Game. Each character has a Story mode fit with their own little narrative. Think Classic mode in Smash except it's 5 battles with no major boss at the end. They're quick. They're sweet. Just as you start getting bored of the character you're playing their story ends and you can move on to the next. In addition, there is a Challenge Mode (similar to Melee's Mission Mode) containing 12 pre-made challenges.

You get rewarded coins for completing stuff, and you can put them towards characters, items, stages, and a survival mode. Throughout completing everything, you'll earn enough coins to unlock everything so no need to grind for 100%

And well that's about all for now! I still have some stuff to do but let me tell you - this is a solid flash game. The credits list FOUR PEOPLE. Count that with me. 1. 2. 3. 4. Four People. Quatro hombres. Even if they had help here and there from a bunch of other people, such as the character's creators, it's pretty freaking impressive. All the art, all the animation, the coding, the music, the combat - it was made primarily by a group of 4 people 13 years ago for free on a flash site and it still holds up in 2020.

People reading this: try this out if you like Smash you will not be disappointed.

Developers: Thank you. You should be proud. Please get together soon and make an updated version of this game for steam for like $20 bucks or something.

Fun game!

This was such a blast! I haven't enjoyed a flash brawler like this in years!