Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep11"

I have to admit this wasn’t great. It was too short. I think nowadays I’m just so used to lengthy reviews. Then again, I watch movie reviews. I guess video game reviews don’t need to be that long. We’ve evolved with reviews so much.

I do love Abobo. You guys were associated with Channel Awesome at one point. So was everyone! This just wasn’t that entertaining. It wasn’t insulting or anything.

My lord

... You guys are awesome at playing stupid and naive :D


this was kinda good but i think the object of the game is 2 beat up each other, anyway keep it up LOL ^-^


the first ones kinda sucked...
but this ones are better:D


Love it, back into video game topic :D so funny how they kick the wall then start dancing, lol and i can see u got better at the special effects of the movie (colors, and screen multiplying) love it! :D