Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep11"

Wahaha man! you! that was AWESOME!!

haha i envy you two for some reason! xDD i dunno why i have no idea why!
dont ask why (your gunna ask why?!)
it was great! hah, glad to know theres people using time for GOOD
AND yes
it was AWESOME!!
spam! AWESOME alot for me plz :D xDD

I can see why it's no longer on ScrewAttack...

It's just not funny anymore, since it's the same cliche' of two retrobrain fried retards acting all cool. It's starting to get completely for I cry for myself wondering, "why?" over and over. But now in quotation of James: "This is a piece of motherfuckin' buckfuck!"

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks for watching! James is a big fan of Awesome Video Games, just like you! Stay tuned!


either these dumbasses are trapped in the 90's or they are both fukin stupid.Why didnt this peice of crap get blamed.

FarFromSubtle responds:

Yeah we made the front page! Isn't that AWESOME! Thanks for watching dude!


ok, sorry to be another "basher" but honestly stupid humor isn't funny any more, it takes no creativity to act stoned and retarded. This isn't funny and idk why I sat through the whole thing.

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks for watching our awesome show dude!

I gotta admit that was really good

Dude, lol.
This was funny man people need to lighten up on their reviews, some of them are even abusive. Jesus man its just a joke and this is a funny series man and it was hilarious when you guys were running into the wall and you guys were being dumb playing the NES controller like a piano or something.
People need more consideration towards flashes, peace be with you dude. I voted 5.

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks for the kind words bro! Stop by our forums! Stay Awesome!