Reviews for ":Knight:"

Wow. Whis game was positive surprise.

I have to admit that I wasn't expecting for much, because, well - graphics weren't so great nor original. But after playing it for awhile I realized that -


Nice gameplay, interesting bosses and great music - and after I got used to "simple" game graphics, they didn't bother me either. Actually I started to like the game and to think "this for sure is underrated, hope I could play more games like this in NG".



Nice to encounter a hack-n-slash with a few unique and challenging enemies rather than tons of sword-fodder.

Some graphic and sfx enchancements would make it a world of good.

Loved it!

I loved the sound track and the graphics were great and you lost one mark because of the minor life bug where it skips a life and also the "enemy sign" lasted too long long and your sorta waiting for ages for th boss oh well great flash and im sure a sequel would be brilliant so well done!

Have a Nice Day!


it was okay. I had a couple problems with it.
1. the falling scene. with no variation in attacks the fly things were really hard to fend off, as you could have one coming form above and one from below, and your sword slashed horizontally. thats a problem. action or adventure games today require different moves and upgrades and cool things to unlock, and this doesnt have that.
2. the water scene, there should NEVER be one hit kill things in a game. especially when the player character doesnt have extra lives. i understand that adds a new level of difficulty to the game, but it really just comes off as frustrating.

Now, don't think that I'm just going to crap all over your game, because overall it was good. Keep it up, and I'm sure you can turn out a great game.


Well i thought you did this game really well and it was a lot of fun. The way the user could choose there own character design at the start of it was a nice feature and it also allowed the user to get use to using the keyboard for gameplay. The bad guys were pretty challenging, it felt just like any other side scrolling game, which is a good thing, it kept me interested and happy all the way through. The background music was good, it kinda reminded me of dragonball z at times but it had alittle more energy to it which helped to spice your game up even more. Overall i had tons of fun playing this.


starBlinky responds:

wow thanks so much!

Thats exactly what I want to hear!!