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Reviews for ":Knight:"

Really Good!

I loved it man, im surprised it didnt get front page. It had simple controls, but yet it was addictive. 10/10


Good how you can customize the character at the beginning, but maybe more of a choice? The bosses were pretty cool and so were the enemies, the gameplay was generally easy but still fun! Keep it up!


Yeah. Hard and easy put together. Bosses=Hard. Game=Easy. There.

ok easy

it was a great game but it was terribly easy even on hard. the only changed thing was 3 less life. So it was pretty easy beat it quick so maybe on hard make bosses have more health like 5 or 6.

@Gunzlalaz the water boss is easy you just have to shoot a lot until he's close to off screen and do that 3 times, i didn't get hit by any 1 hit kill attack thats impossible to dodge so I dont know what yu mean therem


the game needs some tweeks. You deffenetly need extra lifes and upgrades. The worst was the freakin water seen. how am i supposed 2 beat that? it takes you an hour to do 1 damage, if you survive that long, because there was a 1 hit kill attack that was almost impossible to dodge.
other then these things, it was a lot better then i expected.